You are Invited to Capacity Building Training for NGOs

Our association carries out the project named “Active Participation of Civil Society in the Higher Education System” within the scope of “Civil Society Support Program-III (CSSP_III)” with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union Presidency and the Civil Society Sector.

With the project, it is aimed to increase the institutional and organizational capacities of NGOs operating in the field of higher education in Turkey, to develop an NGO cooperation model and strategies to be included in the decision-making process in higher education, to develop NGO capacity for more active participation in higher education and its future.

In this context, the subject of the “Capacity Building Training” planned to be held in Ankara between 27-28 August is “Effective Management for NGOs”.

Those who want to participate in the training program must fill out the attached form.


Note: Program location information will be notified to accepted applicants in the coming days.

For detailed information: 0312 222 56 83

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