The “Active Participation of Civil Society in Higher Education Modernization” project, prepared by the Association of Academics and supported by the Young Academics Association, Gazi University, Sinop University, Marmara University, Karabük University, Fırat University and Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, was found eligible for funding. With the project; Increasing the institutional and organizational capacity of NGOs operating in the field of higher education in Turkey, aims to develop an NGO partnership models and strategies to be included in the decision-making process in higher education and the development of higher education and NGO capacity for more active participation in the future. Within the scope of the project, 6 workshops, 4 groups, 12 experts, a document to be prepared for legal changes, press conferences and a report will be prepared at the end of the project. Outputs obtained from the activities will be shared with all stakeholders.

Within the scope of the program, it is a grant program carried out to strengthen the capacities of NGOs. It is aimed to strengthen the management and strategic planning capacities of NGOs, to increase the effectiveness and visibility of the works carried out by NGOs, and to improve their advocacy skills. The program is funded and supported by the EU under CSSP-3 and coordinated by the EU Presidency.