The project aims to increase institutional and organizational capacities of target CSOs through mutual interaction and cooperation.


Capacity Building Trainings for Civil Society Organizations Workshops To prepare a management and cooperation model for higher education NGO networks Preparing a strategy plan for the participation of NGOs in higher education

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Strengthening public civil society dialogue Improving the legal framework for CSOs Strengthening the capacity of CSOs Development of civil society dialogue

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Civil Society and Higher Education
The Project Outputs and Outcomes

The number of universities have reached to 207 as of 2020 in the last quarter of the Republican history, as a result of fastest schooling period In Turkish higher education, according to YÖK ( However, continuous change and modernization studies have been carried out in higher education by central government with insufficient or no contribution of CSOs in the process.

The unacceptable level of participation of CSOs, the centralized decision making, insufficient attention by universities to the problems of society, economy, and industry have motivated us prepare this project. The project involves one applicant, Associations of Academicians Union (AAU) and one co-applicant, Young Academicians Education Culture and Research Association (YAC). The partnership also involves seven associate members; a union (Turk Egitim Sen/TES) and six universities such as Gazi University (GU), Karabuk University (KU), Omer Halisdemir University (NOHU), Sinop University (SU), Marmara University (MU), Firat University (FU).

In this regard, the project will increase the organizational and institutional capacity of partner CSOs (AAU and YAC) through trainings on PCM, governance, networking, and strategic planning (20 people). The representatives of AAU and YAC will submit 50% more projects and learn the ways of effectiveness and efficiency in project management. The governance and networking training will help partner CSOs to democratically and more effectively restructure themselves and establish a networking structure for effectively cooperating regarding Turkish higher education system. Moreover, the model based on the results of a workshop will lay down the principles of effective cooperation between CSOs. As a result, organizational and institutional capacity as well as the partnership will be enhanced (Priority 1). The strategy document and higher education roadmap will let CSOs to intervene with higher education problems and processes and offer solutions through two workshops at which university representatives from at least six universities, a union and representatives of CSOs will collectively work. Thus, CSOs will have more right to speak in the decision-making mechanism of the higher education system. The perspectives of the civil society will contribute to the modernization and changes in the higher education system (Priority 2). CSOs will discuss the needed legal changes and steps to remove barriers for CSO involvement and the modernization of Turkish higher education. A specific workshop on the issue as well as the policy document will create a legislative environment for active citizenship (Priority 3).

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You are Invited to Capacity Building Training for NGOs

Our association carries out the project named “Active Participation of Civil Society in the Higher Education System” within the scope of “Civil Society Support Program-III (CSSP_III)” with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union Presidency and the Civil Society Sector. With the project, it is aimed to increase the institutional and organizational capacities of NGOs...
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Project preparation meeting was held

The preparatory meeting of the “Project for Active Participation of Civil Society in the Higher Education System”, which received grant support within the scope of the third term of the Civil Society Support Program carried out by the European Union Presidency of the TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held at the Hotel No. 19...
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Project Preliminary Meeting was held.

Academicians Union Association (AAU) project unit, project implementation team and Young Academicians Union (YAC) representatives came together at the project office. The project implementation team informed the other managers about the files and studies prepared since the beginning of the project. Plans were made for capacity building trainings to be given to AAU and YAC...
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Within the framework of the “Active Participation of Civil Society in the Higher Education System” carried out within the framework of the Civil Society Support Program – III program, partners Academicians Union Association and Young Academicians Education Culture and Research Association and participants Gazi University, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, Turkish Education Union...
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